Invisible mannequin photography for your clothing products is easy as 1-2-3

Internet has made the entire world a big global marketplace. Lot of people with entrepreneurial skills are now owning or dreaming to own one of their very own online business because of an easy access to the global market. While it takes a ton of money to rent out a store front and hire employees to run the store and so on, it hardly cost anything to start an online fashion or clothing store. Aside from the cost of development of the ecommerce or client focused web shop that is. Invisible ghost mannequin photography is something (or for other products,  Freistellen von Bildern for example) all fashion or clothing store owners need to display their clothing items.

There are two reasons why the online clothing stores use invisible mannequin photography. One is that, the invisible mannequin photography can be done putting the clothing item simply on a dress form mannequin. There is no need to hire a photographer with specific skills to clothing photography or invisible mannequin photography. If you have some knowledge on a digital slr camera and own a half decent digital SLR camera yourself, you can setup a studio (which can be taken apart for easy storing when not used) very easily.

Lights is important aspect that you will need to pay your attention to. Do a little research on tabletop photography or packshot photography to learn about how to shoot those product photos. Invisible ghost mannequin photography can be done in your home, in your basement, in your store or even in  your garage. Wherever you find a little space to put a life size dress form mannequin and some lights around, you can setup a doable studio for your invisible mannequin photography.

An invisible mannequin photography can cost you as much as $50 per image if you do it though a professional photographer. Instead, you can buy a nice camera, setup the lightings and etc and take the pictures on  your own. Once the pictures are taken or invisible mannequin photography is taken, you can then pass them to an invisible mannequin photography editing team to get the required edits done.

What I mean by required edits is that when you take the pictures of a clothing item on a mannequin, the clothing item will show the mannequin around it. In invisible mannequin photography editing, the mannequin is removed from the dress making it look like someone is wearing the dress. Or in other words, the dress will have a hollow body which is an industry standard for displaying clothing items on clothing stores online.

So if you own a clothing store online, do yourself a little favor and invest in a good camera and a home studio setup (its lot easier than you think) and take your own pictures. Then pass them to a photo editing and retouching team (Freistellen von Bildern) for invisible mannequin photography editing which can be done for as little as couple of dollars per image.


Find the best clipping path service providers on the net

You don’t have to go to far for the best clipping path service provider on the net. Joolo Media is your best choice in clipping path services outsourcing. Whether it is clipping path services you want to image cut out services you require, Joolo Media is your top outsourcing partner.

Contact Joolo Media today for all your Photoshop related outsourcing jobs. There is no reason to work on your time consuming clipping path services related jobs all by yourself. Paying your own employee for the clipping path or image cut out jobs can have its own set of  challenges. For one, it can be pretty costly to do it on your own. Secondly, image cut out jobs or clipping path services related jobs are extremely time consuming. Why on God's green earth you would spend so much time working on something that you can let others do for pennies?

That’s right, we at Joolo Media, we work on your clipping path services and image cut out related jobs for pennies per edit. As long as you have high volume daily or routine work for us, we will offer you the deal of a lifetime. We guarantee that you will not find such cheap clipping path services anywhere on the web.

Just because we offer cheap clipping path services or image cut out services doesn't mean that we are a poor choice clipping path company with poor quality. The fact is quite opposite on the contrary. We have a team of professional Photoshop experts working on Photoshop clipping path services to offer you the kind of quality your clipping path jobs require.

Whether it is Adobe Photoshop cs3 or Photoshop cs4 or later, our professional Photoshop operators are skilled enough to handle any of your image editing request using any version of the Photoshop.

Contact Joolo Media today and let us work on  your test Photoshop clipping path services. You make the decision to hire us as your bulk clipping path outsourcing partner or not once you see the quality of work, level of response and the friendliness of our communication.

There is nothing to lose, really. You send is a test image, or even 2-3 test images for us to work on. Based on your edit requirement, we work on those sample images. You then decide whether to work with us or not. Even if you decide not to work with after reviewing the edited images (which is extremely unlikely given that the low cost and top quality is our speciality), there is absolutely no obligation.


Clipping path service outsourcing is a smart thing to do

Only a decade ago, business process outsourcing or more specifically IT outsourcing was not a very common practice. Over the course of time in the past decade, many business processes are being outsourced offshore along with clipping path service and photo cut outs services.

Its not that there are no skipped Photoshop operators in the developed countries. Only thing is that due to the high social standards compared to the developing countries, employee wages or salaries for Photoshop workers do make a huge difference at the end of the day. Since the same clipping path service job or photo cut outs job can be outsourced offshore for one third of the cost, in some cases even for less, there is no valid business reason to do the clipping path service or photo cut outs on your own anymore.

Not just clipping path outsourcing and photo cut outs jobs are being outsourced offshore, many other IT and not IT related jobs are also outsourced offshore. For example, human resource, investment banking, contact center services or call centers, etc are being outsourced offshore all the time. Compared to all the other jobs that are being outsourced, clipping path service is very low key job that doesn't have to complex requirements to start up and get going. Any computer literate person with Photoshop knowledge can work around clipping path service or photo cut outs.

Even though its not difficult to work around clipping path, experience do come into play. Different clients will have different product line and different edit requirements. If someone doesn't have any experience in clipping path service or photo cut outs services, it will be difficult to work around the image to client standard.

Because of this, when looking for an outsourcing partner to outsource your clipping path service or photo cut outs, you must make sure you are working with a professional company who has the needed skill set.


Clipping Path Services: high quality at low cost

Sounds too good to be true? They say if it is too good to be true, then it may not be true. Well, that doesn't have to be the case when it comes to Photoshop clipping path outsourcing. There are a few clipping path services or photo cut out services providers that are able to deliver high quality clipping path and photo cut out jobs at a very low cost.

All of these clipping path outsourcing companies are located in the developing countries. Bangladesh is the most dominant clipping path outsourcing country among all. Since Bangladesh is a developing country with very low per capita income, their skilled IT professionals are capable of delivery high quality jobs at a very low price.

So it is only natural when you get the high quality clipping path or photo cut out jobs at a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise incur doing the same job yourself with your own company salaried employees. 

In Canada, minimum wage is around $11.00 (it varies by provinces) and you would not find a skilled Photoshop professional at that rate. You would have to cough up at least $20 an hour to get a half decent Photoshop expert. To get a highly skilled worker, it would cost some companies easy $50 an hour in employee + other studio expenses. The same level of work can be obtained from clipping path outsourcing or photo cut out service providers in Bangladesh.

All you need to do it to look for such a highly skilled and client oriented company and partner with them. Sounds to good to be true still? Partner with and you will find out yourself in no time.


What are the other names clipping path is known for?

Clipping path is a process of cutting out photo form the background or doing a photo cut out to single out or isolate an image from a picture. It can be just a simple background removal where there is only one object or image on the digital multimedia file. Or it can be doing a photo cut out of a specific object and isolating it form the other objects in a picture.


Typically a person doing hobby photography would not find the need to do clipping path or image / photo cut out of the pictures taken. In certain cases however, a typical camera user may find the need of using clipping path (bild freistellen) or photo cut out method. For example, a person might be in a group photo in a party where the person looks great in the photo. However, the person might want to isolate the image from the group and save under a separate file to frame it. In this situation, clipping path (bild freistellen) or photo cut out is the process that will be used to do the job.


Usually adobe Photoshop is the tool professional clipping path service providers would use to do the job. If you are a home user who finds the need of occasional photo editing, you might use some free photo editing software like GIMP.  If you need to find out how to do that, you can just look up some instructional videos on youtube. There are lots of tutorial on how to do clipping path on youtube so you will not have any issue learning the job.


More and more people are using GIMP these days as a free photo editing tool. If you are not gonna be using the photo editing and retouching tool for your post production image editing, you can easily get away with GIMP. Just download the free tool and start looking up some tutorials on how to do clipping path or photo cut out using GIMP.


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