The coolest features of Photoshop

Photoshop is full of cool features and image editing capabilities. Its enhancement capability and tons of amazing features is beyond imagination. Today we are going to talk about some of the coolest feature of Photoshop.
The smart object feature

Smart object is a feature in Photoshop that can allow free transform of an object without distorting the quality of the object. This is only one thing that smart object allows you to do. There is far more than that about smart object. Smart object option also allows changing the content of the object. The way smart object is it remembers the setting you applied on a specific object.

Clipping path

Clipping path is one of the most important and cool feature of Photoshop. What clipping path does is it separates an object from the background leaving the object background less or put a new background behind the object. Clipping path is also used to make different shapes of an object, editing it and giving it a different look. If you want clipping path to be done 100% accurately then it should be given to the professional, the clipping path services companies. Clipping path services includes services like removing the background most accurately; keeping the quality of the image intact while removing the background, do bulk clipping work in order to save clients time.

Motion effect

As the name suggests motion effect adds motion like effect in a still photograph, making the still photograph look more realistic. It creates the illusion that a stand still object is running or on the move. This is method is very useful in case of creating visually stunning image.


Creating 3d object is maybe the coolest feature of Photoshop. This is usually done for graphic design purpose. By creating 3d objects graphic designer makes some of the stunning looking visual effect that no other tools in Photoshop can do.

Face swap

This is done for fun purpose only. You can put a person’s face to another person’s body. Photoshop does this so perfectly that it is almost impossible to found out the fake.

Enhancing the lighting effect

Lighting effect is the most important part while making a photograph more vibrant and lively looking. Using different filters in Photoshop you can create different lighting or enhance an existing lighting effect a deal photo can be alive again.

Selective motion blur

Using this method, you can blur some selective part of an image highlighting the main object of the.


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