Now You See It, Now You Don’t

You must have seen those fashion design or dress form mannequins at the store-fronts. These are pretty common use by fashion designers and clothing item sellers as a means to display their merchandise. Clothing items is displayed on the mannequin but the mannequin takes away must of the attention from the clotting as it is so big in size. You see the mannequin before you see the actual clothing item.

While the life size mannequins work OK in the physical store-fronts, they are actually pretty outdated when it comes to online fashion photography and how the clothing items are displayed on the web. To make the clotting items look more appealing to viewers’ eyes, fashion designers came up with this idea of vanishing mannequin or invisible mannequin or ghost mannequin.

Whichever name you call it, basically the idea is to remove the mannequin form the dress so that the mannequin looking figure is displayed but only with no mannequin. Like if a ghost was to wear a t-shirt or a sweater, it would look like a sweater is walking around with no one wearing it. This is the idea implied on doing such ghost mannequin photography where the mannequin is removed from the fashion design clothing item and give it a look as if a ghost is wearing it. Hence the name ghost mannequin photography.

There are other names for this type of photography or photo editing technique. Such as invisible mannequin photography, ghost mannequin effect, neck joint service, etc.

As you can see from the ghost mannequin photography images attached on this article, it looks lot more attractive than the dress being on the mannequin. Also, more features of the clothing item is visible on the ghost mannequin photography.

Photo editing companies in offshore countries are making a whole business out of editing ghost mannequin photography. Since it is time consuming to do such photo retouching, most clothing companies and fashion designers that have bulk ghost mannequin service needs, they outsource such process to photo retouching services companies. Not only they don’t have to go through the headache of hiring and maintaining full time staff at higher salary, they get be hands free on these by outsourcing the process and save a bundle on this project.

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