So called clipping path companies

Editing a photo sound like a pretty simple process. Just load the picture on a photo editing program like adobe Photoshop or something similar and do the required edit. Well, it is actually not that simple as it sounds. There are so many aspects of editing a photo that not a single person can do all types of editing.


For example, if someone is skilled is clipping path or masking or background removal, that person may or may not be skilled in doing jewellery retouching or ghost mannequin editing. Both jewellery retouching and ghost mannequin editing requires product specific skills which will need to be attained on the job.


There are so many clipping path companies out there that it seems like just about anyone can clip a photo. Most of these companies are one man show company where there is only one person running the whole show. These so called companies are presented to look like organized companies but in reality, most of them are owned by offshore freelancers form whom you may not even hear back on y our inquiry.


Surprised? Well, don’t be. It is very common for these people to setup multiple websites for the same services. Idea is pretty simple. More websites they have, more traffic they will generate and more business they will get.


It is very easy actually to find out which one of those companies are legit and which ones are one man show company. Just send an email requesting a trial and see how many of these so called clipping path companies can deliver the trial within 24 hours.


Also send them an email asking for their services etc and see how long it takes to hear back form them. In most cases, you will get an initial auto response and will not hear back form them ever again.


If you need your work done on a regular basis and need to get the work done timely, then you must partner with a company who is serious about what they are doing, has a good size team and can handle the workload within 24 hours timeframe.

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