What are the things that are done in Photoshop ghost mannequin editing

Ghost mannequin editing (http://www.joolo.com/ghost-mannequin/)is a very common practice in apparel industry. This allows the clothing store or clothing business owners an efficient and fairly inexpensive way of showcasing their clothing products. Typically 2 different images from the same product are taken focusing on the front and inner back. These 2 images are then clipped using Photoshop clipping path (http://www.joolo.com/clipping-path/) and then joined together to form a ghost mannequin photography or an invisible mannequin photography. However, aside from this, there are several other things that can be edited while working on ghost mannequin photography.


Here are the few things that can be edited during the process:


Color correction: if the product raw image is not shot in a professional studio with a professional camera, image quality may not be that professional looking. Usually photos taken without a professional photo studio without proper lightnings and lens, the clothing item might not show its proper color on the photo. These photos must be retouched for correction the color of the product.


Straighten up curves and folds: some dresses might show some folds, wrinkles, etc when put on a mannequin. These imperfections will need to be retouched. Some lines might need to be straightened, folds on the clothes will need to be straightened as well.


Additional clipping and joining: if the lighting is not adequate, some areas may not show properly in the picture. These areas will need to be filled in by cutting from other areas of the clothing.


These are just a few things that are commonly done while doing a ghost mannequin editing. Different clothing items has different requirements of photography and editing. Clothing business owner may also have specific edit requirement. An invisible ghost mannequin service provider will need to follow the instruction the client provides to come up with the right edit.

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