What are the other names clipping path is known for?

Clipping path is a process of cutting out photo form the background or doing a photo cut out to single out or isolate an image from a picture. It can be just a simple background removal where there is only one object or image on the digital multimedia file. Or it can be doing a photo cut out of a specific object and isolating it form the other objects in a picture.


Typically a person doing hobby photography would not find the need to do clipping path or image / photo cut out of the pictures taken. In certain cases however, a typical camera user may find the need of using clipping path (bild freistellen) or photo cut out method. For example, a person might be in a group photo in a party where the person looks great in the photo. However, the person might want to isolate the image from the group and save under a separate file to frame it. In this situation, clipping path (bild freistellen) or photo cut out is the process that will be used to do the job.


Usually adobe Photoshop is the tool professional clipping path service providers would use to do the job. If you are a home user who finds the need of occasional photo editing, you might use some free photo editing software like GIMP.  If you need to find out how to do that, you can just look up some instructional videos on youtube. There are lots of tutorial on how to do clipping path on youtube so you will not have any issue learning the job.


More and more people are using GIMP these days as a free photo editing tool. If you are not gonna be using the photo editing and retouching tool for your post production image editing, you can easily get away with GIMP. Just download the free tool and start looking up some tutorials on how to do clipping path or photo cut out using GIMP.

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